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NEW. Portable hand GreenSeeker


Portable handheld sensor GreenSeeker ® - is a simple and affordable assistant agronomist which is designed to measure and assess the state of the plant, the calculation of fertilizer and crop forecasting. The unit is on-line directly in the field by providing recommendations for nitrogen fertilization to date in real time on a certain grade. Using the method of calculating NDVI instrument will respond to the need for nitrogen plants, the general health of culture on the basis of which the farmer or agronomist can do predetermine steps that will prevent the introduction of excess fertilizers that could be detrimental to the crop.




 How it works?

When you click on the sensor device emits short light rays in the red and infrared light reflected from the surface of the plant leaf partially dissipated, and the remnants of fighting back in the trap detector is a device that analyzes the data and displays it on the screen. These data are the NDVI index for the plant which ranges from 0.00 to 0.99 and the higher the figure the better health and less need for nitrogen feeding (depending on the variety, culture, etc.).



To obtain relevant results for a particular field, you must take measurements of biomass in different parts of the field and averaging the data. To provide accurate information on the measurement device is held at a distance of 60-120 cm from the plant. Field sensor measurement oval and increases depending on the altitude, so we recommend performing the measurements at a constant height of about 1 m.









 The kit includes:

- Manual sensor GreenSeeker ®

- Charger

- Enhanced battery (provides 5 hours of work)

- Cover

- Strap

- Instructions

- Recommendations developed by GMBH "Agri Land"

Now portable GreenSeeker handheld can be used to calculate the rates of fertilizer for the following agriculture crops:

- Spring wheat

- Winter wheat

- Spring barley

- Winter barley

- Corn

- Canola

- Triticale

- Sorghum

- Rice

The list of crops is constantly updated.

Without a doubt, the new device will find its place in the set assistant agronomist and allow it to be more precise, better and faster monitor the health field and as a result increase the quantity and quality of crops.

  When buying a nitrogen tester, the customer has the ability to get the software (if any smartphone or tablet based on the Android operating system.), The use of which, it is possible to designate areas of the scanned points of fixation of the field and specify the NDVI index tester.