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Soil Compaction Meter Wile Soil

What is the density meter of soil?
Density of soil or penetrometer - a device that measures the density /resistivity of the soil when it is introduced into the soil (standard ASAE S313.3)
Through the use of soil Wile Soil densitometer, you can:

  • Promote the development of the root system of plants
  • Improve the effectiveness of fertilizers
  • Ensure the penetration of moisture into the deeper layers of the soil and prevent water stagnation in the surface layers
  • Reduce the cost of tillage
  • To save you time and money

How to solve the problem of soil compaction
Once you've figured out at what depth to be plow sole, you can:
  • Restrict the movement of agricultural equipment in the areas of seals
  • Start planting cover crops to improve soil water regime
  • Plowing their fields with the help of equipment that can penetrate into the deeper layers of soil

The optimal time to measure the density of the soil

The optimal time to determine the density of the soil is considered to be an early spring - the period before plowing. The soil should be moist enough, as the moisture content in soil and its structure will affect the densitometer readings.
It is recommended to compare the readings of the same soil type with the same moisture content. To understand the differences, carry out the measurement of the density near the fence, and then in the field - the results are quite different. To obtain a reliable measurement result, it is necessary to carry out several measurements in different places of the field and calculate their average.

To obtain reliable results, spend a few measurements in the same area of the field. Just check out a few areas.

The density

  • Green segment (0-14 kg/cm2). Favorable growing conditions.
  • Yellow segment (14-21 kg/cm2). Suitable growth conditions.
  • Red segment (21 kg/cm2 or more. Unfavorable conditions for growth.


    Density is supplied with two tips: a diameter of 1.27 cm for measuring the density of the solid substrate and a diameter of 1.91 cm for measurements in the soft ground. On the face of the densitometer for each tip has its own scale. It is based on a unit of measurement Psi - pounds per
square inch.

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