Agronomist service

As it is known from generally accepted sources there are recommended norms for application of nitrogen fertilizers used for grains. Different scientists recommend to apply 30-60 to 90-120 kg/ha of active nitrogen to obtain maximum yield. But with development of plant growing, nurturing of new sorts fertilizers norms differ and not always one or another recommended quantity of fertilizers will provide the manufacturer with the highest crop and high-quality seeds.Everybody knows that excessive nitrogen fertilizers application leads to laying down of vegetables and to yield loss. In order to prevent this we would like to offer you our service in measuring an optimal norm of nitrogen fertilizers application for 2, 3 and 4 fertilization of winter crops with the help of GreenSeeker N-sensor (manual). It is an optic-sensor system, which defines the crop condition in real time and on the basis of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) gives an opportunity to apply necessary nitrogen quantity at certain time. Usage of this device will let you to avoid expensive excessive nitrogen fertilizers application and will save your yield. So, application of new generation vegetables can be adjusted because it is a way to increase the crop capacity and to improve grain quality, to decrease production cost price.