Autocomplex for precision agriculture

Having a long-term practical experience in precision agriculture company Agri Land is glad to present you our new autocomplex for precision agriculture. At planning of autocomplex we are attention all of the produced nuances, recommendations and wishes of customer, necessary technical changes are brought in, perfected and all of knots are complemented step-up working and comfort of operator.

Our complex is based technically on the undercarriage of car of Mitsubishi L200, tested the years of exploitation and hundreds of thousands of hectares we guarantee his trouble-free work and reliability.

Our complex will be useful to the farmers, agronomist, engineers, specialists on precision agriculture.

An autocomplex for precision agriculture is a car equipped all of necessary set of tools for work in the field terms and making a decision.  Such as:

– reliable not having analogues in Ukraine mechanical samples of soil, allowing operatively to do sampling soil on a depth 30 sm, stay in an auto fixing the site of selection and controlling quality of sample

– antidust and the moisture-proof field computer of class of IP62, the presence of computer-integrated modem will allow to remain on connection in any terms

– the computer-integrated GPS receiver providing high-quality and permanent submeter accuracy, possibility of connecting of the external DGPS receiver for the increase of accuracy of works

– professional agrarian FarmWorks and Connected Farm software for the operative administrative account of crop rotation, collection and analysis of the field information, weathers, use of plant protection, for control of fertilizers, seeding material, fuel, expenses of work hours, etc.

– powerful battery and removable format of the field computer with computer-integrated a photo-video camera will allow you to fix all of changes in the vegetation of culture, to control insect, take off the necessary field notes, and GPS to do accurat attachment of event to locality

– N-tester GreenSeeker, for the operative calculation of norm of N fertilizers under the planned harvest straight in the field

– densitometr of soil, for the timely analysis of density of soil before the field works

So that can you do by a autocomplex? We will consider after points.

      1. Mapping of the fields, to do actualization of land-bank, fix possible captures from the side of the contiguous landed interests

      2. To make the fence of tests of soil with fixing of every selection by GPS, possibility of creation of maps of top-dressing on results an agricultural chemistry inspection

      3. Reliable ardor and the moisture-proof field computer is provided by a 5-10 hours of autonomous fieldwork

      4. To have near at hand an electronic map of enterprise with information on the fields, done works and materials etc.

      5. Operating system of Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional allows to set any necessity additional software necessity to you for work, the integrated modem will allow operatively to get access to the network the internet for the decision of urgent tasks

      6. Hand portable N-tester of GreenSeeker. Reliable helper, having on an armament this device you can straight on the field expect the necessary norm of nitric fertilizers under the planned productivity. Anymore about GreenSeeker you can know here

      7. Densitrometr of soil of Wile. A device is irreplaceable at works with soil, to preparation to sowing. Getting the field information you will be able maximally exactly to plan the sort of culture, technique and technology of sowing. 

We are sure a reliable and modern autocomplex will be interesting as to the large producers of agricultural product so to the small farmer economies. Going near the question of acquisition we take into account all of technical queries and interests of customer. Possibly both creation of the prepared autocomplex «turnkey» and re-equipment of your auto.

Specialists our company will teach your personnel for the maximally effective use of technology, and similarly will render first-line consultative support and service.