Dear investors and partners!

  A company «Agri Land» works at the market of technologies of exact agriculture more than 5 years. To date our company and command on the whole is a leader after the giving of services in the segment of technologies of exact agriculture in area of professional grant of the commodities and services related to him.

Exactly permanent aspiration of professional growth, allows the increases of high-quality development of company and selection of professional partners sew on to move a command to the set aims and arrive at them.

High professionalism sew on allows commands us to build the most bold plans and dynamically to develop.

We know exactly, that, leaning on the necessity of market of high-tech and oriented on interests of partners and participants of all of our projects, our business is perspective, unique and carries in itself the mortgage of the assured success.

Because Ukraine is an agrarian and industrial country it carries in itself enormous potential. In this connection many agricultural enterprises search investors-partners on business.

Our company is ready to render you services related to this question, namely:

  • Thorough technological audit, improvement of control the system and management of company
  • Practical recommendations on the improvement of technological process
  • Development of project under a concrete company, permanent his accompaniment
  • Providing of connection with local-authorities, suppliers and scientific establishments
  • Analysis and careful revision of the landed fund through DGPS of technology
  • Sorting out of the vexed questions, finding of disparities between the contracts of tenancy of shares and actual presence of lot lands
  • Agricultural sampling analysis of soil with the calculation of potential and necessary investments
  • Calculation and selection of optimum sowing material, fertilizers, chemistry
  • Search of agrarian enterprises which need investments and preparation to the purchase:

                   – from 3.000 ha

          – from 5.000 – 10.000 ha

          – from 10.000 ha and anymore 

  • Complete audit of enterprise
  • Drafting of business plan of enterprise, count of investments
  • Calculation under concrete company taking into account a geographical location and business of climate of region
  • Agronomical services, accompaniment and high-quality consultations
  • To recommendation on introduction of modern technologies on an company
  • Selection of agricultural technique taking into account maximal profitability
  • Introduction of modern technologies of precision agriculture and thorough account
  • Development of the administrative system maximally accessible for an investor, management, executive services