GPS - Field measurements

Why, field measurements? 

The practice shows 

Today’s measurement of field shows its size – 99 ha, and according documentation it has to be -100 ha.

There are a lot of questions: Where’s my 1ha? How I made up a financial plan, how much extra chemicals I bought and applied – and this just for one field, but I has them 50 in total! 

To date, the number of hectares on the field not always matches with the documentation available at the farmer’s hands, from inventory structures. 


The reason for this is: 

-invariable transfer-roll of field road (with the problem farmers constantly facing) 

-neighbor didn’t want, but it turned out, year after year, gradually took by a plow and other trailing equipment

 tree-plantings that have been developing rapidly (lack of finance for their maintenance) 

-constant (illness) – conflicts for centimeters between the tenant, who has on his fields 2 and more shareholders, which not rented the share, and handle it themselves 

Our farmers constantly facing above listed problems. 

In developed countries, before starting farming, it is necessary to measure the field on the fact (if they have not been measured) in order that the farmer would be able to draw up a precise plan for the costs of area belonged to him. 

Field measurements AgriLend Company produces cars and using professional equipment using only high-accuracy DGPS signal. Since the GPS signal is free of civil mission has an accuracy of 5-6 meters, measuringequipment, non-specialized fields will result in stale data. For example, the difference in the measured field isan area of ??100 ha can reach from 3 to 5 hectares.

Outcome measurements: 

1. Electronic map of all areas (for installation on your PC) 

    (e-card includes the contour of field with accurate hectares)

2. Each field on the size A4 (field № __; total hectares __; involved hectares __) 

3. Wall map of the entire production (with the roads, forests, lakes …)

The total land area: 3 531.36 hectares (as on November 2008)

3. Wall map of the entire production (with the roads, forests, lakes …)

The benefits for farmers: 

-precise measurement of hectares on the fact 

-use of e-cards for soil sampling with GPS 

– composing business plan for land 


-professional approach to its enterprise