GPS – electronic (calculation – planning) fertilizer based on results agricultural chemistry inspection using GPS

Every agronomist knows that lack of fertilizer leads to the fact that plants can not achieve their natural potential and glut areas fertilizer leads to lodging.

Increased or lack of supply, you can recognize using GPS – ground samples.

Sufficiently large assortment, based on the nutritious, take care of stable, high income, and solid quality. Analysis of the soil is the basis for basic fertilizer calculating.

The content of nutritious wave to and from on uniformly – economic areas often through a lot supply phases.

With precise GPS – sampling, and from laboratory data, it’s possible make the planned GPS – fertilizer provided that there is an executive mechanism using which will be made fertilizer (electronic sprayer or spreader controller with a GPS – antenna and USB output or PCMCIA Card, etc.)

With GPS – planned calculating fertilizer can be achieved high yields, product quality, and consequently savings.

Using the laboratory analytics of soil samples a map of fertilizer is created, which serves further as a basis for the installation of the sprayer or spreader controller. Necessary application rate is planned at selected plots. System the designed for application of nitrogen or combined fertilizer N,P,K.

Additional device for GPS-planned fertilizer include:

  • Field computer Trimble FMX
  • Software (russian language inside)
  • System of parallel driving (with the ability connect high-precision signal OmniSTAR)
  • GPS antenna
  • Include ability to connect a system of differential fertilizer GreenSeeker

This complect fully compatible with digital equipment of all popular mineral fertilizer spreaders