Ground sample


There are 2 kinds of land rasters: still rasters and dynamic. 

Normal distribution – this is the sample in still 1-3, or 5 ha raster.

The area of 25 hectares of field

The lower raster, the better indication. 

If there is information for the type of soil and relief available, it is recommended samples of variable raster (decent recommendations based on the sample scanner and relief)


A professional performance 

It goes on light vehicle, which is equipped with a hydraulic probe. 

Recording of test lines and points is going on with the help of DGPS. Thus, each sample has its own coordinates. 

When sampling, all samples are recorded and repgistered, and then transferred to professional laboratory.


You get your hands on the documents: 

– Results of samples (P, K, pH, humus, …) on the A4 format (each field), showing a trace the vehicle (line) sample. 

– on A4 format (each field) application map based on nutrition elements.


– Each explored nutrition element displayed graphically, separately for each field.

-wall map of the entire enterprise (all fields together) based on nutrition elements

A large problem for agriculturists are the «problem» places on the field. 

Problem areas are a small crop, and small crop, in same queue, it is losses. It can be: sublimity, compressions of soil, lack of some elements, temporal lakes, beams, etc.  Exactly for this purpose it is needed to determine and liquidate problem areas on the fields by sampling soil.

As it is important for an agriculturist, to have a maximum of information about this field, and the best of all, that a picture of nourishing elements in soil  was before his eyes, therefore and  recommendation of top-dressing for a culture will be more exact. But as practice shows, laboratory services  are an expensive measure, and producers have plenty of earths, it is therefore necessary to be concentrated on those cultures  which  are reared, and on elements which need exactly them.

With this graphic map you will quickly find problem areas of your fields. 
– The customer automatically becomes a client of Agri Land and gets access to a customer support site of Agri Land. 

– View of your fields from satellite, using Google Earth. 

* Advice

If necessary, together with you, we evaluate the maps nutrition elements and discuss further actions.