Information processing

All the technologies of precision agriculture are inseparable from an accurate and quality of information processing. 

Starting in 2011 we are pleased to offer our new service – the processing of field information. As far as the actual information is an important component of any industry, the area of precision agriculture is no exception. Indeed, judicious use of the results of information processing is the key to profits. If you have an electronic map of the fields, and you have plans to organize income and expenses, you want to have a complete picture of your company. Then instruct us to do the dirty work. We will analyze the information that is available to you and give you valuable tips, advice on turnover of crops, fertilizer, cost optimization, planning, productivity in the enterprise. 

We give you the following services: 

1) Processing of cartographic information. If you have an electronic map of the fields, or you’ve created it ourselves, we can help you make it more understandable. We will create a high quality maps based on measurements done by you, create your form fields in the program Google Earth, and print field and wall maps of formats A0-A6. 

Our service allows you to not waste time and money to learn GIS software. The result is an understandable electronic and physical map of the fields.

2) We produce map processing yields and soil fertility with further recommendations.

3) In the presence of nitrogen sensor process maps and maps of biomass nitrogen to solve problems with problem areas in fields and optimize the cost of fertilizers. Assessment of the status field on the basis of NDVI maps.

4) We perform processing of received land from the scanner further advice.