Land Scanner

Precision farming technology is trying to respond to the various parts of the field. 
Variability of the location denominated by soil quality. 
Therefore: the variability of location is measured by scanner – electromagnetic measuring system for drafting surface maps of agricultural in-use areas.

Land scanner is: 
Measurement without destruction 
-Online measurement – the result is on the spot
High-spatial dimension – 100 measurements on 1/ha. 
Composition of equipment 
The scanner consists of a measuring device EM38, highly accurate DGPS, measuring sleds and Online – recorder. 
Measuring principle 
The electromagnetic measuring device EM38 measured imaginary electrical conductivity of the ground. Coil transmitter induces initial electromagnetic field changes in the soil. It produces there a weak secondary field, which is registered by the coil reception. Relations of both fields resulted in producing imaginary electrical conductivity. 
Using results 
Manager expressively see through the images how different forms and soil conditions extend in the fields of whole area. At the sight, you can distinct good (and less good field) 
-Lease, exchange, purchase of land 
-The exact approach to ground samples 
-Calculated condition of the soil 
-To conduct accurate soil samples only within a single class, without mixing with other classes.
A professional performance 
It goes on light vehicle, which is equipped with electromagnetic test equipment. 
Recording of lines and points is going on with the help of DGPS. 
After scanning areas, together with you we evaluate the maps and discuss further action.