Systems of control auto + fuel control

Each director is interested in professional execution of the given task by his colleagues. But as long-term practice shows not always the subordinates are in that place where they should be, sometimes trips «on left» happen. As a result it leads to big financial expenses, namely: fuel, amortization, failure of works fulfillment in schedule time and many other factors.

To help the directors the analytical monitoring system of vehicles which is intended for monitoring of cars and tractors work by means of GPS/GSM is worked out. Additionally it is possible to connect to the controller the gauges of engine temperature, doors opening, fuel level. However in order to have the stable work of the whole monitoring complex it would be better to put into operation only a tracing mode first and then to carry out additional connection of devices.

By data transmission through GSM (mobile communication) all information is transferred to the server.

The complete set which is necessary to install on the vehicle includes controller, connecting cables.

For monitoring of your motor vehicle park there is no need in additional software, only access to Internet is necessary

Having an electronic map of your enterprise’s fields (if you do not have such map the firm «Agri Land» will render such service), you have an opportunity to impose this data on the map of Ukraine which will help you to orient better. Thanks to it the director can see precisely on which field the vehicle is.

 Movement of one tractor during work on the field №36

With the help of report you have an opportunity to overview the whole motor-vehicle park or one specific vehicle for the given period, which is convenient, quickly and practical.

 It is in addition possible to connect to the controler the gage of level of fuel which will give the chance to you to trace quantity of fuel in a tank of the car and to exclude its cases unauthorized plum.

To observe of quantity of fuel at present, quantity of the expense for the certain period of time, etc. you can directly from page of tracing of technics. 

The system of vehicles monitoring gives the chance to supervise accurately:

– Vehicle movement

– Vehicle stops

– Tracing of vehicle location in real time (its route in certain period)

– Vehicle usage efficiency increase

– Exclusion of cases connected with vehicles abusing (trips «on left»)

– Exclusion of cases connected with fuel abusing

– 24 hours a day constant control

– Exclusion of cases connected with stealing (fast finding and returning)