Omnistar differential correction service

OmniSTAR (Fugro NV) – a global leader in the supply of services differintial amendments signal GPS. Services provided by the company are designed strictly according to the requirements should be presented to the agro-industrial complex. Company OmniSTAR (Fugro NV) which is a corporation, Trimble has 3 main offices located in the U.S., the Netherlands and Australia, about 160 offices worldwide and 136 ground stations, 6 loading data centers and 8 of satellites that provide coverage much of the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

OmniSTAR company is a leader in developing and designing technologies differential GPS positioning. Services provided by OmniSTAROmniSTAR – VBS (Virtual Base Station), OmniSTAR – HP (High-performance) and OmniSTAR – XP (Expanded version) have been specifically designed to meet the requirements for high-precision positioning systems for terrestrial applications. CenterPoint RTX ™ – as close to the ground base stations analog-precision RTK correction.  

Advantage Service Company OmniSTAR is that the method of optimal location of the client based on the simultaneous processing of data from multiple sources and signal processing by means of mathematical weighting of the data obtained from several stations, we obtain a set of amendments are optimized for the client’s location, which is preferable precisely derived from a separate base station. 

The company offers three levels of OmniSTAR differential corrections signals GPS: VBS, HP, and XP.

Services VBS – provides submeter accuracy. This ensures accuracy positioning is much less than one meter with probability of 95%. Average accuracy is 15 cm The distance from the network of ground stations can be up to 1000 km. Differential corrections are transmitted in the format of RTCM.

Services HP – achieves centimeter positioning accuracy in the Western and Eastern Europe. Average accuracy of 8-10 cm in this case, the amendments specified by the base stations are transmitted in the format of RTK.

Services XP – distinguished by the fact that in this case for the formation of the amendments do not require ground stations. OmniSTAR-XP uses data on the precise GPS satellite orbit and timing GPS. This ensures accuracy of 12 to 15 cm.

OmniSTAR G2 – the latest advancement in the proposal for subscribers. It uses two signals GLONASS and corrective amendment. Ideal for areas where reception is complicated by various factors such as trees, buildings, etc. OmniSTAR G2 provides short-term accuracy of 1-2 cm and long-term accuracy of less than 10 cm.

CenterPoint RTX ™ completely new technology for CIS service provides GPS and GNSS correctionsignals via satellite directly to your receiver, practically identical to an accuracy RTK corrections from3.8 cm. The technology works with the company’s products in particular with Trimble Field Tablet PCFMX, a system of parallel driving CFX-750 and AG-372 GNSS receiver.

The accuracy of determining position using OmniSTAR HP / XP increases with time after switching on the receiver.

Our clients have the opportunity to make any of these signals is necessary for the work period. 

Services subscriptions differentiated GPS signal corrections for agricultural activities are of two types: local and regional. 

Regional services – the radius of signal coverage amendments is 50 km. In other words, if your fields are in close proximity to each other or at a slight distance of a local subscription for you. 

Continental services – the radius of signal coverage amendment is 500 km. Oriented to the use of large agricultural companies or enterprises whose fields are located at a considerable distance from each other. 

Based on our experience and quality of services the company OmniSTAR we individually choose a subscription service focused specifically on the amendments to your needs and conditions.