Системи паралельного керування фірми TRIMBLE

Parallel systems of driving a new generation to reduce costs and increase productivity. Equipment pays for one season! 

Universal, together with domestic and foreign technology!

Basis of EZ – Guide – a combined device, which combines a graphics easily readable screen (even in bright sunlight) and a linear LED kursopokazatel not obscures the review for the driver. Kursopokazatel manages technology for the required trajectory, and graphic display facilitates the orientation of Management at the turn and when driving on a curved path. Perhaps to perform field work, even at night in a lack of vision, reduced driver fatigue and, consequently, raises the overall security operations. 

In contrast to the original equipment system EZ-Guide 250 is supplied with a more powerful antenna AG15which gives the possibility to increase the accuracy up to 15-30 cm

The kit includes an external GPS antenna. 
Accuracy: 15-30 cm – free regime 
HP / XP: 5-10 cm fee 
RTK: 2,5 cm


Examples of tracks

AgGPS Autopilot

AgGPS Autopilot System is intended for control of agricultural technology with the maximum precision processing and as a result of reduced costs of fuel, fertilizer and seed. 

1. Easy to use – simple installation and operation of the system. On your machine operators do not need special skills and knowledge of their problem is reduced to a minimum, to monitor the accuracy of movement and to call on the field to get started. 

2. Ruggedness and accuracy of the system – regardless of weather conditions, terrain and time of day AgGPS Autopilot will provide accurate and quality work. 

3. Economic advantage – the system will pay off since the start of operation and the end result will surprise you pleasantly lower costs for fuel, fertilizer and posevochny material.

Autopilot EZ-Pilot 


NEW! Autopilot without interference with the hydraulic steering system of technique of EZ-Pilot!

What advantages are in:

1.     Promoted twisting moment of electric motor, what at the competitive systems, that allows to manage transport vehicles with a hard steering management.

2.      The fast-acting of engine is considerably higher, that allows the system quick and more precisely to manage a technique.

3.      The simple setting and a minimum of cables allows to set the system in any booth of transport vehicle without involving of useful place.

4.      Innovative technology of T3 on which is based EZ-Pilot which allows to promote the productivity and decrease an amount admission and ceilings and facilitates dirigibility and exactness on slopes, dales and cross-country.

5.      The system is assembled on majority of agriculture such as: tractors, throwing about and nebulizers of fertilizers, caterpillar transport vehicles, combines, coupled tractors, self-propelled options.

6.      Compatibility with the system of the parallel driving of Trimble CFX-750 and FMX




The new hybrid solution from Trimble for automatic driving, which combines the ease of installation Ez Pilot system and the hydraulic performance of the autopilot.

The system is compatible with the following displays:

For simplicity and accessibility AgGPS EZ-Steer system number one. 

More work, less fatigue.

Now you can make your life easier when working in the field. Is enough to convert 
Your target system by adding EZ-Steer, the system of governance. EZ-Steer, using data from the EZ-Guide 
Plus, with the help of a friction wheel turns the steering wheel, driving your tractor. 
This will allow you to focus on work units, improving the quality of their 
work. The control system EZ-Steer is ideal for plowing, making (spreading) 
fertilizer, spraying, harvesting. For more precise applications, use a 
receiver for the EZ-Guide Plus AgGPS 252 and a differential correction of OmniStar HP. 

EZ-Steer system is easy to install, configure and use. The installation of the system can be 
perform less than 30 minutes, using a wrench. To set up a 
set the width of your machine, and you’re ready to do the work. Once a straight line AB 
or adaptive curve setting, click the button and the system will manage your 
tractor. Turning the steering wheel, you switch off the system and go to manual control. 
It’s really very simple! 
After several minutes of use EZ-Steer, you’ll be completely convinced that the system 
reliably manages the tractor, just follow the given trajectory. Driver errors related to 
fatigue and distraction eliminated. 

The solution to all your fleet.
If you have an old tractor, or want to establish a system of more than one tractor, 
EZ-Steer – this is the right decision. The system is easy to install on any tractor with a
steering wheel and power steering. For accuracy of 2.5 cm, the use of variable rules 
leveling ground Upgrade your system to the autopilot. 

Easy of transport.
A wide range of anchorages, EZ-Steer, allows to move the system 
one tractor to another very easily. 


Let us conduct simple calculation of financial viability of setting of the system of the parallel driving on your technique. For example economy with the processed area in 2500 hectare purchased one system of the parallel driving of Trimble Ez-Guide 250. 40% it admits it is sown a sowing area (1000 hectare) a winter wheat then expenses on the system make 20 UAH after 1 hectare At the middle productivity of winter wheat in 45 centner/hectare. and costs of 1 t. of grain 1500 UAH of expense on the navigation system is 0.3 % from the cost of harvest.

As practical results show using of the navigation systems for conducting of technological operations on growing of agriculture cultures allows to save about 5-7 % expenses on technological materials (fuel, mineral fertilizers, facilities of defence of plants). On the average on 1 hectare sowing of winter wheat about 1100 UAH leaves on a fuel, 600 UAH on facilities of defence of plants and about 3500 UAH on mineral fertilizers.

Similarly application of the agricultural navigation systems at sowing due to exactness of driving of aggregate enables to remove ceiling of contiguous passage-ways, that is  10-12% from a general sowing area. There are 300 kg/hectare at the norm of sowing. economy of sowing material by a cost on the average in 6000 UAH/t. gives an economy within the limits of 170-200 UAH/hectare, that makes 320-360 UAH/hectare on the average.

So, inlaying in 1 hectare sowing 20 Uah is additional get an economy in 320-360 UAH/hectare or about 350 000 UAH only on sowing of winter wheat on an area in 1000 hectare.

Reason to buy.
1. Easy to install, easy to work.

2. Installation takes a minute to any tractor with power steering, no connection with the hydraulic system.

3. Reduces fatigue and errors mehanizatora.

4. Used for plowing, spraying, fertilizing, harvesting.