Decisions for an office

Conduct of account * Information about the fields * Creation of maps


Farm Trac …the program of keeping Farm records

Easy to use “Field/Farm/Job Tree” allows quick access to field names for viewing and printing of field records. 

Enter future planning records for product ordering, equipment usage, and employee allocation. 

Note tillage practices, fertilizer and seed rates, herbicide use, crop yields, and weather conditions. 

Keep detailed records on equipment such as service interval, serial numbers, and burn rate of fuel. 

Record, sort, and print restricted chemical usage. 

Track inputs, production, and crop rotation information. 

Print enterprise statements on a per field basis to view costs and profitability. 

Create work orders and download them into Farm Trac Mate. 

Download supplies, such as seed or chemicals, from the Internet with EPA number and other important labeling

Select nutrients for fertilizers from a drop-down list with set ur. automatically completed. 

Import pictures of equipment, personnel, and fields from a digital camera. 

Customize reports to fit your needs.


Farm Fundsthe specialized program of account conducting of for agriculture

Double entry accounting for both cash and accrual books.
Integrates with Farm Trac to keep accounting records at the same time as keeping field histories, herd notations, and chemical records.
Up-to-date inventory tracking.
Profitability of each field and herd of animals is automatically calculated.
Supports detailed cost records for equipment.
Full payroll system calculates federal, FICA, and most stat withholdings.
No monthly closings required and year-end is simple.
Records animal weights and feedings to calculate feed conversion and cost per pound gained for each livestock group.
Tax schedule area allows you to create reports to make tax preparation easy.
Generate market value balance sheets.
Includes budgeted cash flows.
Keeps family living costs separate from farm costs.
Full check-recording system. Includes interactive check register for easy editing and printing o1 f transactions.

Farm Site …the ideal decision for work with maps and layers

Integrates with Farm Trac by adding unlimited mapping and layering capabilities.
Includes tools for drawing fields, structures, and landmarks.
Download FREE geo-referenced aerial photos, waterways, and roads of your farm from the Internet.
Calculates acreage automatically.
Enter or import the results of soil tests and generate a map of the data.
Print full-color maps.
Display layers on top of layers to see the effect of pH levels or soil types on yields, and more.
Import yield data from yield monitors to generate base, averaged, and contoured views.
Use yield data to automatically draw field boundaries.
Statistical analysis of yield, moisture, wet yield, mass, and other information gathered by your yield monitor.
Calculate soil sampling locations for any grid size.
Supports popular file formats including ArcView Shape File.
Create application maps for variable rate control.

Decision for livestock

Genealogies * State of health * Integration with portable devices * History of animals * Reading of RFID tags


Farm Stock … the program of account conducting for a livestock sector

Tracks an unlimited number of animal types such as cattle, hogs, dairy, sheep, goats, elk, horses, and more.
Maintain complete and detailed records and histories on livestock by individual or group of animals.
Integrates with Farm Trac and Farm Funds for feed conversion and profit/loss statements.
Complete genealogy area allows you to easily maintain record of blood lines for breeding purposes.
Print a family tree by selecting the desired animal, then displaying its parents and/or children, continuing as far up or
down the tree as desired.
Calendar area schedules vaccinations, testing, and breeding events.
By-products area allows you to keep detailed records on milkings, wool, etc.
Set up User Defined Fields to keep track of additional information that is of specific importance to you.
Generates custom reports from information entered.
Import unlimited pictures per animal from a digital camera.
Compatible with most scales for importing weight information.

Stock Mate …the program of account conducting for a livestock for portable devices

Works with Pocket PC, Windows CE, or any laptop running Windows 98 or higher.
Integrates with Farm Stock (required) for a complete herd management package.
Provides a portable data-entry solution for herd management records.
Handles multiple animal types such as cattle, hogs, dairy, sheep, goats, elk, horses, and more.
Enter health, weight, birth, transfer, wean, service, and feed records.
Quickly monitor information on expected due dates, vaccination reminders, pregnancy checks, and other calendar events.
View detailed history records of each animal.
Display bloodlines on-the-go.
Integrates herd management records into cost analysis package if user has Farm Funds.
Works with Tag Readers (including RFID) so animals can be automatical! selected for data entry.


Creation of maps * Fixing of the passed way * Soil sampling* Navigation * Differential application


Farm Trac Mate  the information recording in the real time

Works with Pocket PC, Windows”CE, or any laptop running ‘I’M Windows 98 or higher.
Gives you a portable data-entry solution for field records.
Integrates with Farm Trac or Site Pro to provide you with a complete field and chemical record-keeping package.
Downloads information such as fields, equipment, personnel, supplies, and work orders from Farm Trac or Site Pro .
Quickly enter the quantity of each supply used in each field.
Supplies can easily be added on the go.
Enter field and weather conditions for chemical reporting.
Integrates with Site Mate to combine field records with GPS maps and to compute the total number of acres covered.
Personnel hours are automatically calculated from Windows clock.
Enter scale tickets or quantity harvested for a field.
Flexible notes area can be used to record location of broken tile, weed or insect problems, or anything desired.
Multiple licensed copies of Trac Mate can gather field records and download data into a single Farm Trac or Site Pro.


Farm Site MATE …for fieldworkwork with GPS 

Farm Site Mate Basic

Maps wet holes, weed and insect infestations, and other areas of interest.
Allows you to drive around the field and generate an accurate map of field boundaries,
Logs the locations of soil samples and other important points in the field.
Allows you to offset logged paths and boundaries.
Works in US-English or Metric measurements.
Displays distances of mapped paths, useful for determining lengths of field tiling.
Displays sizes of mapped areas such as field boundaries and weed areas.
Allows you to view background maps such as field boundaries or aerial photos.


Farm Site Mate –drawing of maps and taking the samples of soil 

eludes all the features of Farm Site Mate – Basic.
Allows you to create soil sampling grids to any size, pattern, and orientation. Site Mate can automatically assign sample IDs to each point.
Lets you enter an unlimited number of attributes such as scouting notes for mapped areas and points. Includes navigation tool for navigating to gridded points or any known point in a field.


Farm Site Mate VRA – drawing of variable rate application maps

Includes all the features of Farm Site Mate – Basic and Scouting.
Works with commonly used variable rate controllers.
Uses an ArcView Shape File prescription map to control product application.
Gives you the ability to create a legend based on application rate.
Displays total expected amount of product to be applied.
Records data from controllers or other sensory devices to create maps of logged data.
Allows you to enter a swath width in order to see an on-the-go coverage map.
Can be upgraded to control more than one product. (Contact Farm Works for a
complete list.)

Guide Mate …the navigation which always under hand

 Works with Pocket PC, WindowsCE, or any laptop running Windows”98 or higher.
No external lightbar required.
Provides an easy-to-follow, on screen lightbar and steering needle.
Driving patterns include Straight A-B, Contour Fixed, C-Clamp, Headlands
Separate, Headlands Combined, Spiral, and more.
Saves driving patterns for future navigation on the same field.
Fully integrated with Site Mate (required) so users can quickly move
between the lightbar display and a coverage map generated with Site Mate.
Can be used in conjunction with a Raven external lightbar or the
Farm Works MicroGuide for additional guidance assistance.
The only software guidance package on the market to offer farmers an alternative to proprietary hardware solutions.