Reduce your weed control costs by up to 80%! WeedSeeker® technology uses advanced optical and computerized systems for weed detection. When weed hits 30 cm. Field of view of the Sensor, the system signals the nozzle to use the exact amount of herbicides. WeedSeeker® sprays only weeds without polluting the ground. WeedSeeker® is effective wherever weeds appear.

Advantages of WeedSeeker®:


  • Saves time


  • Saves working power


  • Reduces chemical use


  • Sprays both horizontally and vertically


  • Reduces harmful effects on the environment


  • Works by day and night


Cost savings

Fighting weeds that grow almost everywhere presents a classic dilemma: Spraying everywhere is extremely uneconomical, while spraying is laborious, expensive, and also uneconomical.

Now there is no need to choose between both ways. After the appearance of the WeedSeeker®- is essentially an automated precision sprayer, all other systems are out of competition. In most cases, one system pays for itself in less than a year. This diagram shows the savings (in relation to the amount of cultivated area) when weeding a strip with a width of 1.5 meters, using a 1.5% solution of Roundup.

WeedSeeker® is used not only in agriculture, but also along roadsides, sidewalks, irrigated areas, airport runways, railways, golf courses, car parks, parks, and the like. The possibilities are endless.

Farmers use the WeedSeeker® Automated Precision Spray System to control weeds in fallow fields, unpaved fields, pre-sowing weeds, and weed control after harvest.

WeedSeeker® is ideal for corn, soybeans, vegetables, wheat, sugar beets, cotton, peanuts, and other crops planted in rows.

Vineyards and orchards are ideal for using WeedSeeker® kits with a one-sided or double-sided barbell.

For industrial use, Agri Land offers the WeedSeeker® industrial version for installation on your 6×4 John Deere Gators pneumatic system with powerful generators or Kawasaki Mules.

Landowners have checked and recommended:

“Using WeedSeeker in rescue mode right now. Continuous spraying is too expensive. Weedseeker, which uses optical sensors and microprocessors to determine and destroy weeds with incredible accuracy, allows us to control the situation by concentrating the herbicides exactly where they are needed. We save our money by abandoning the continuous use of chemicals, and reducing the need to reuse them. “


Jason Hill, Ranch Hill, Pendleton, Oregon


 “Starting from the commissioning of WeedSeeker in August 2002, we processed more than 4,000 hectares with it and reduced the use of chemicals by an average of 82.5% compared to previous traditional methods of use. Using WeedSeeker to control weeds in the fields under steam, kept our household $ 35,584 on the economical use of herbicides compared with their overdose in previous seasons. “


Dave Brownhill, Merilong Farm, Ourindi, South Wales, Australia